Wedding at Bran Castle

Our first wedding at Bran Castle was something quite different and we fell in love with it instantly. We had only 3 weeks to plan this wedding, a big challenge for us at the time, and we enjoyed every minute of it. It was a full weekend of surprises for the guests. No one beside the couple knew that the wedding will take place at Bran Castle. The guests simply thought they are going there for a private tour and photo session. You can image their surprise when they entered the Queen Mary's Music Room which was transformed for the wedding and they were invited to  take their seats at the tables.


Because everything was a surprise, when the guests entered the castle, nothing except the reception room was set-up for a wedding. While they were having the private tour of the castle, behind them, the castle was filled with 1000 white roses and the yard was decorated with lots of candles. The moment they realised what was happening was simply magical.


The surprises didn't stop here: the next day we organised a trip for the guests at a nearby cave. Inside the cave, a guitar singer was waiting for them in a special place, beautifully lit by many candles.


The day continued with a special brunch at another stunning castle: Cantacuzino Castle. The mountain view from its terrace is simply breath taking! The biggest surprise though, was a different one: a helicopter was waiting on the hotel's lawn to transport them to the Cantacuzino Castle!


It was such a pleasure to plan all this surprises for the guests and then to enjoy watching their reactions as they figured out what was going on every time they discovered something new! We are looking forward to many more amazing challenges from our clients!

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