Seaside Wedding with a Travel Theme

Simona and Alexei's wedding took place in an absolutely spectacular location, which we fell in love with irrevocably: Black Sea Rama, a 5 stars resort located on the Black Sea coast, in Bulgaria. It was an intimate wedding, with guests from 3 different cultures: Romania, Canada and Russia, who felt great together.


The amphitheater where the wedding ceremony takes place is absolutely spectacular. Just imagine being at a wedding ceremony and in front of you, beside the couple and the beautiful decor, all you can see is the blue sea and the sky. The feeling you have watching the ceremony in this place is amazing!  Later on, when you are seated on your table, enjoying a delicious cocktail, right in front of you, you see the same amazing view. The event space has two walls made of completely removable glass. Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy this incredibly beautiful view. We will let the pictures speak for themselves because they do not need any presentation.


This was a true destination wedding, with all the suppliers selected being local and guests enjoying a 3 days vacation together. It was our first destination wedding in another country and a real challenge at the time, which we really enjoyed. We were happy to collaborate with professionals in the true sense of the word and realize that it's possible to create amazing weddings almost anywhere in the world.


Given the location of the wedding and Bride and Groom's passion for travel, the theme of the wedding could not have been any other than Travel. The colors chosen by the Bride (aqua and white) were a perfect complement to the special view.

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