Wedding at Bran Castle - Gothic Concept

A wedding at a castle is always a special wedding. The Royal energy, the feeling of being transported back in time to actually enjoy a true feast in the castle is a one of a kind experience both for the bride and groom, and for their guests. Something we could only imagine, this wonderful experience came to life in the famous Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle. Sijin & Paul's wedding took this experience to a whole new level by putting together gothic elements and the legends of the castle. They decided to pay attention to each and every detail of the wedding, which was kind of a dream come true for us. We love concept weddings, that create a true experience for the guests by actually immersing them in a highly detailed alter reality experience.

The Bride wanted to be a Warrior Princess. She wanted to go to the church riding a horse, and that's what she did. It was probably the most complicated request we ever had for a wedding (together we the red wine fountain you will read about bellow), but we made it happen! The wedding was a mix of Chinese (the bride) and Romanian (the groom) culture. The wedding ceremony took place in the morning, as per Chinese tradition and the wedding reception took place in the evening, as per Romanian tradition.


The Bride & Groom were the hosts of a wonderful castle wedding. Just imagine walking into a castle as a guest and having all your senses instantly awakened. The first thing you hear is the amazing voice of a soprano, singing a love song, accompanied by a piano. As you walk in, you see superb flower arrangements everywhere, a completely unique wedding cake standing on a beautifully decorated fountain and, as you pass the red wine fountain!, you are greeted with a glass of the finest champagne. After having the time to take it all in, while sipping the champagne, you are then guided, together with your friends, for a private tour of the Castle. At the end of the tour, through a secret passage, you find yourself in the reception room.

The wedding decor in the reception room was exquisite. The flower arrangements and the 2000 electric candles spread in the reception room and in the courtyard, created the perfect setup for a castle wedding. But the details did not stop there. Specially selected glassware and silverware, together with the napkins embroided with the couple's monograms, created a truly royal environment.


To say the food was a feast would be an understatement. The fine dining food with a touch of tradition, together with wine pairing for each course was an absolute delight. After an amazing dinner, the party started, fueled by the best cocktails we ever tasted, carefully curated by the bride herself. Words can't even begin to describe what a wonderful experience this wedding at the castle has been, so we'll let the pictures, together with your imagination to show you what an experience this Bran Castle wedding has been!

Such a complex event needed a team made of the most wonderful wedding vendors and human beings. Putting together this highly detailed wedding in only one and a half hours! would not have been possible without the help and dedication of each and every vendor. Everyone went above and beyond to help make this dream come true and we couldn't be prouder and more grateful to the team involved for all their help, dedication, passion and support. We are proud to have worked with such amazing professionals.


A huge thank you to:

Bran Castle's team - a team of highly trained professionals, always resourceful and happy to help. 

Casa Terra - for their amazing food and the willingness to make anything happen

Andreea Banita Maitre Fleuriste - for the amazing flower arrangements and for working on site tirelessly for a whole day

602 Photography - for beautifully capturing this wonderful event in photos and to On Wedding for the video.

Tania Popa & Alex Serghi - for the absolutely out of this world make-up and hairstyle. It was a challange you took on fearlessly and you were actually able to bring the bride's vision to life.

Mojito Agency - for the best cocktails we ever had


Last, but not least, a huge thank you to the bride and groom, who trusted us to bring a dream everyone thought was crazy to life and prove them all wrong. It was one of the best experiences of our life and I am beyond grateful that you gave us the opportunity to create such and experience. This is what opened us up to switching from normal weddings to concept weddings, and for this we couldn't be more grateful!

If you want to have your wedding at Bran Castle and create with us a once in a lifetime experience for both you and your guests, we invite you to contact us and schedule a free online call to get to know each other. We would love to meet you and hear your story & your vision!

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