I am a lover of beauty, a conscious creator, here to help bring dreams to reality. I believe in a world of kindness, where we all get to do what we love and love what we do. I believe authenticity is our super-power and I love to create events that have the true essence of the couple at their heart.


I am Karin Badea, a Romanian who feel in love with London and decided to call it home! I am an explorer by heart, passionate about traveling and discovering new places and new experiences.


I am inspired by beauty in everything I see and music is my secret ingredient in taking it all to the next level. I love going for long walks to enjoy London’s beauty, while listening to good music.


I’m a huge believer in the Universe and I trust that Life is happening for us, not to us! That every challenge is put in our way only to make us stronger and take us to the next level. I am very focused on learning from each such experience and evolving into the best version of myself each day.


I believe that love can change the world and it’s our choice whether to be kind, loving and understanding or the opposite. Knowing that every decision we make in life is based either on love or fear, I decided to be brave enough to choose love and create for myself a life I love and I am proud of.

I love weddings and I love creating magical weddings. My biggest joy is seeing the bride and groom on their wedding day, so happy and grateful to see their vision come to life in such a beautiful way. I simply love creating experiences that turn into unforgettable memories for them and their loved ones.


I plan each wedding as if it was my own, pouring my heart and soul into everything that I create. I am always doing my best to make sure the couple will have their dream wedding and, at the same time, I am the first person to tell them if what they have in mind would not be advisable. I can never settle for "good enough" and give everything my best in my pursuit of excellence.


My favourite kind of weddings are the intimate weddings, with attention to details and a touch of magic, because you can truly feel the love and joy every single guest has for the couple and how happy they are to be there. At the same time, I always loved planning out of the box weddings, that are a true reflection of the couples authenticity.

I fell in love with destination weddings when I planned my first wedding at Bran Castle, and I am deeply grateful to have had the chance to plan weddings in some of the most beautiful venues in Romania and abroad: Bran Castle, Sinaia Casino, Hadar Chalet, on the beach or in the Donau Delta. I am dreaming of planning weddings in many other stunning locations like Lake Como, Tuscany, Santorini, Bali and so on, so if that's what you have in mind, get in touch with me so we can create some magic together. .


My favourite wedding to plan was one in a castle in Tuscany, but it ended up moving to Bran Castle at the last minute. I am now patiently waiting for another opportunity to plan a wedding like that.


I fell in love with weddings as a child, when my parents were planning weddings. I started helping them when I was old enough to be of real help, at about 13-14 years old. I was simply fascinated with the world of weddings and deep down I knew this is something I would love to do.


I started Karin Events in 2010, with a deep desire to do things differently.  I have an unique ability to envision and manifest experiences effectively, plus I am naturally detail-oriented and intuitive, which enables me to identify and bring to reality unique elements that make each event special. I call it my own touch of magic. Wanting to create extraordinary events, but more importantly experiences for the couples and their guests, I decided to learn from the best and become internationally certified in 2014.



    • I believe that for the bride and groom, the wedding is the most important event in their lives and that each individual supplier should give it the same importance.

    • I believe that authenticity is the most important element in a wedding, and that bringing the bride and groom’s true essence into the wedding is the one thing that would make a wedding a truly unique and special one.

    • I believe that the details make all the difference and that only by investing in the small details you can have a special, personalized wedding.

    • I believe that a very important element is chemistry and that all suppliers should be chosen not only based on experience and price but also on chemistry.

    • I believe the wedding for the bride and groom, about the bride and groom, and no other guest should have a say in the decisions they make.

    • I believe that the weddings that remain in the memory of the guests are those that were made from the heart, for the soul of the bride and groom, with attention to details.

    • I believe that communication is the most important thing in relationships with others and that anything can be solved through honest and open communication.

    • I believe it's up to each of us to tell the uncomfortable truths because that's the only way we give others the opportunity to make informed decisions.

    • I believe that each of us must take responsibility for the decisions made, instead of blaming those around us. Only then can we learn from our mistakes and turn failures into success.

    • I believe that things happen as it is best for us and that it is up to each of us to "let go" when things do not happen as we expected and to enjoy them as they came.